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The perfect dating solution for video gamers

As a gamer, it’s sometimes hard to meet other people. Let’s face it; gaming isn’t exactly conducive for finding a love interest, since you’re indoors all the time and not meeting anyone, other than the people you may game with. While I’ve heard of a small number of people who meet fellow gamers online and start a relationship, such stories are few and far between. free trial offerA better solution in my opinion is online dating. It’s the perfect way to meet people of similar interests without ever having to leave the home. And you can be frank in your profile as well. Be honest and admit that you love games. Some people think such admissions can be a turnoff, but look on the bright side – You might just attract someone who has the same interests, and how cool would that be?

I like using myself, since it seems to offer a little something for anyone. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, preferences or hobbies are, you can find someone on Match that is compatible with you. And since they have millions upon millions of members, you have a very wide base of subscribers from which you can find your partner. As a dating service, it’s not that expensive, and they even offer a 3-day trial offer you can get from

You can post multiple photos in your dating profile. I usually include one standard shot where I’m standing or sitting somewhere. Then I add a few photos where I’m doing something. One will be an active activity such as hiking, and the other would be me playing a video game, just so any potential matches know what I enjoy doing. And as long as you’re using the free trial from, you don’t have to pay a penny until you start openly exchanging emails with matches.

I hope these tips encourage you to try online dating and join Just because you’re a geek or a gamer, doesn’t mean you can’t find love!